Friday, March 28, 2014
About commitment, responsibility and relevance

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The current discussion about urban density, sustainable energy production, prevention of natural hazards or the latest political decisions has left no doubt that the issue landscape has increasingly gained relevance within the Swiss society. This results in a political mandate to intensify efforts regarding landscape, its utilization, development and design, as well in urban and rural areas and based on all scales.

Who will be in charge of this mandate? It requires landscape specialists with an integrated approach, someone who cares with core competencies in analyzing and responding to landscape challenges. There is a need for specialists with a sense of judgment and creativity and a willingness to take social responsibility.

To interfere in actual debates and to take clear positions is one thing. The other thing, which is a more demanding and trust building is to propose innovative solutions, to take care about needs of users and to support processes in the long term.

The landscape architecture considers itself as the guardian of needed knowledge and appropriate tools to develop landscape quality. How can the profession reach more social relevance and what can be offered concerning emerging new challenges?

We are looking forward to discuss these topics on the next Rapperswil Conference and to create a platform for new ideas.