Friday, March 6, 2015

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Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the «atmosphere» of the things they live in or with. They are rooted in them just as a plant is in the soil in which it is planted.
(Frank Lloyd Wright, The natural house, 1954)

Atmosphere reflects the reality of our environment as a sensitive experience. Moreover, atmosphere determines whether or not we feel comfortable in a given place. Currently, there is the potential to create more vibrant spaces in landscape design in order to not only meet the needs of customers and users, but also to raise multi-faceted moods and open the mind for more. Urban and rural spaces which surprise us, where we slow down our pace and spend more time interacting with others. Perhaps spaces with a more fragile, coincidental and volatile structure.

The purpose of the Rapperswil Conference 2015 is to identify solutions and opportunities within the field of landscape architecture to provide more space for atmosphere and sensibility. This involves focusing on the interrelationship of physical design elements (buildings, trees, roads, etc.) and the subjective perception of the space. Questions that we seek to answer at this conference include: In what way do plants, seasons, and materials, as well as sounds, smells, and movement within a space influence our perceptions? How can we detect hidden atmosphere? And, finally, how can we evoke images and feelings in the viewer and use them as experience?